About Sam

Who am I, Sam?

I am called Sam (and sometimes Sammie). I am supposedly an American Shorthair.  But I think I am more than that!  I feel like I was a popular and famous performer in my previous time on Earth.

How did the best parents find me?

Mom and Dad got me from one of those pet stores, where I was locked in a cage and had to sleep in the poopie area.  I won’t lie – I was pretty scared and nervous when I got home and hid behind a desk for a few days.  I guess that’s why I like to chew on wires!!

Here is me when I came to live with them in December of 2005.  I guess I played a lot!

Sam - Arriving at Home

I was also very stretchy.  And I can still do that.

Sam Stretch


What are my favorite things?

My favorite things are the following:

  • napping in the middle of Mommy and Daddy’s bed
  • catnip (can be on anything)
  • getting brushed
  • snacks from Mommy and Daddy, but only meats that I love and respect how they were cooked
  • chewing on wires (if I won’t get caught)
  • preferred to be scratched on my cheeks or behind my ears
  • puking if Mommy randomly decides to give us wet food – I must not have too much in my tummy!

You can see lots of pictures or info about me by simply looking for my name TAGGED.