About Foof


Who am I, the Foof?

I am a large, furry cat who lives in a warm area.  They say my types are from Russia, like a Siberian cat breed.  But some people say I could be a Maine Coon.  Hmmm…either way, I am a wonderful and playful cat!

I was invited by my parents to add photos and happenings here.  I live a great life, so I am willing to share!

How did I find the best parents?

I grew up with different parents, and they decided to leave me behind when they moved somewhere else.  I ran out of the apartment, so those people with nets couldn’t catch me.  When I saw Daddy from afar, I knew he would like me.  I ran up a tree to get as close to him as possible.  He took me in and introduced me to my Mommy.  That was quite a few years ago, and we are all content and a purrrrr-fect family!

What are my favorite things?

My favorite things are the following:

  • catnip
  • chasing my roomie and BFF, Sam
  • chasing Daddy around the house
  • drinking water out of the shower or the fountain out in backyard
  • getting patters daily

You can also follow me on Facebook! (Although, I’ll share myself here mostly…)