What is the first Friday Foof Item?

Indoor Cat TreeOmgeezers!  I, the Foof, have fallen in love with this type of a scratching post tower that I have never seen before!!  I have a plain post tower that I used to love and use almost every day as one of my personal nap spots.  This one is like a plain tower with all those stems and leaves added.  How fun does that look!?!?

I can only imagine how much fun Sam and I will have with this tree-like thing.  Me hiding and chasing after him, then Sam going to the top to stay above me…

Indoor Cat TreeAmazon has it is a few different sizes, and they even call it a “Cat Condo”.  Of course, I would like the large one with the square bottom.  Hmm…what should I do to get Mommy and Daddy to buy it for me? Please comment below and let me know your ideas!!

I’ve decided to post something I find every Friday – a #FridayFoofItem.  I can’t wait to share some of the goodies I find from all over the place!

Let Foof Know!

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